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Gary Vaynerchuk Books Give Away

Gary Vaynerchuk or @GaryVee  - " You’re going to work your content in two ways. The first is as a lure, creating it, posting it, and allowing people to come to you as they discover it. The second is to use it as a lasso through comments on other people’s content that relates to yours, inserting yourself into existing conversations and actively creating reasons for your audience to come to you." Gary Vaynerchuk I have bought this book on 13th March 2019 and I am reading it. I am committed to share knowledge and information with my audience. It is my mission to help people, and businesses and every grain on the earth to understand marketing. You have to tell me the reason why I should send these books to only you. Just comment a convincing reason- Why do you need this book? Will you keep these to yourself after reading or share with other people? I will SELECT anyone in a transparent way, be sure. FOR ME, GARY VAYNERCHUK  IS A SOCIAL MEDIA TZA

This Is Marketing- Results Out.

It is my pleasure. Giving away is a soothing and smoothing experience. That I felt when I had declared, on time, the winner of 'Give Away- This is marketing by Seth Godin' book yesterday night. Yet, I am somewhat not satisfied. I hoped many more would participate. It was the first time and people did not believe. Non-believers don't win. You have to believe and practice, participate to verify. This time I am going to offer Gary Vaynerchuk's Crush It & Crushing It. Combo. Hope you all will claim your worth. I liked this idea because it compels me to buy and finish books routinely.  SUGGESTED READ: 1. GARY VAYNERCHUK BOOKS GIVE AWAY 2. THIS IS MARKETING- A GIFT TO WE MARKETERS

This is marketing- A gift to we marketers

As you know that there is a contest to win this book This is Marketing by Seth Godin, I share here some excerpts. Today, this is my post of #365postsin365days, ofcourse #31.