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Invest in your appearance

Investing in yourself pays. Not only in your education or skill development. I am talking here about your appearance. Your looks matter. Your accessories matter. What you carry to your office and how your carry reflect your personality. Which laptop you use? Do you wear wristwatch? Do you don a suit to attend your client or you just walk in in a casual t shirt and jeans? Are your black shoes polished and shining? Do you borrow a pen to sign a contract? From a client. Your language also attract and distract a person. Do you call your laptop, a laptop or a lappie 😊! --- Make sure to be properly dressed when going out. Make sure you have a good pen in your pocket. Make sure you draw out your visiting card easily. Invest in your bag or a briefcase. Invest in your accessories. Travel in your car or a hired cab to your meetings. These investments show your success. People love to work with successful people. 💐☺️And most importantly... Wear a smile, a gentle smile always. I

Sustain the struggle of life with firmness

Firmness should be your habit. That shows your strength. That shows your confidence. People who live on their terms, create space for themselves. One who does not bend is recognized for their individuality, their ethics and create history in their respective space. It is hard to be hard. But it sustains and outstays  the life which is a struggle.

I am not Pessimistic, Not I am a pseudo-optimist.

People accuse me of pessimism. Because I wrote- नन्हा सा दिया हूँ, बुझ भी जाऊं तो क्या? Or मेरी कलम रुक जाती है जब लगता है शब्दों के बाण कविता का मलहम या गीत के सरगम बदल नहीं सकते तुझे, मुझे या उन्हें न आत्मा, न परमात्मा न भूत को, न भविष्य को... Or काव्य कहाँ से प्रस्फुटित हो हृदय में यदि रेगिस्तान बसा हो! जठराग्नि से पीड़ित तन-मन में और-और का शोर मचा हो! ::::: I am not a pessimist. But I am not an ostrich with its head sunk in the earth and assuming that -"All Is Well". I am not a pseudo-optimist . If you accept the darkness, you would light a candle. If there is poverty, you will work to remove it. If there is corruption, someone will make systematic changes to rein it. We have to accept the negativity, wrongdoings, cruelties, dishonesty of this world. To change the world. To make the world a better place to live. --- The world has shrunk to individual. And individuals are weak. They are mentally oppressed community. They know they can't fig

To find what YOU CAN DO is the ultimate knowledge.

You know what you cannot do. Because you failed, many times . And your predecessors failed. And you were told that you could not do what the previous generations could not do. You are introduced to your limitations. And you accept them. You embrace them. And that is agyan. But to find what YOU CAN DO is the gyan. The ultimate knowledge. You have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. You have to find to understand your capabilities. You have to wipe out the layer of dirt and dust. From your mind. From your notion of undoable. You have to be on a journey to find yourself. Continuously. Religiously. YOU HAVE TO FIND YOUR POTENTIAL. SUGGESTED READ: 1. SUSTAIN THE STRUGGLE OF LIFE WITH FIRMNESS 2. LIVE AND LET LIVE IN HARMONY 3. FREELANCING QUESTIONS ASKED

Puppets, You are not destined to be.

This society loves puppets. But the same society worships whom who denies becoming a puppet. What you want to depend on your aptitude, attitude, and altitude of your personality. Resistance to the societal and circumstantial forces and standing up firmly for your inner beliefs and abilities makes you an extraordinary person who this world worships. SUGGESTED READ: 1. SUSTAIN THE STRUGGLE OF LIFE WITH FIRMNESS 2. WIN WITH HANDSHAKES

Are you a CRY BABY?

Most of us are cry babies. Do you think that babies cry the most? No. Absolutely not. Here are some of the cries you hear a lot: My parents don't allow this I would have been a dancer if my parents allowed me. My family does not support me in my higher studies or starting a business. My seniors do not let me do the work I am most suitable and competent for. If this society can be fair, there would be no need to have this system of reservation. This country does not provide sufficient opportunities and infrastructure to progress. This education system makes clerks, not officers. And, and, and... ----- Ever you or I take any blames for the whole bunch of above NOTS!!! No. So stop being a CRY BABY. Be a TRY BABY. Be a fighter. Be a problem solver. Haven't you heard- Where there is a will, there is a way. SUGGESTED READ: 1. TRY BABY OR CRY BABY 2. THE SUPER SUCCESSFULS LOVE ONLY THEMSELVES