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Winners make rules.

Every game has some rules. And you should obey those rules to prove your mattle. But... Remember... Winners don't follow rules; they make rules. Find the loopholes and write your own rules and win the game. Understand this. Every winner, the real winner is a rule-breaker. Because he establishes himself, then redefine the game. And it is justified. It has always been. Because it is a winners' world. --- Nobody falls from sky as a winner. Neither he, neither I, neither YOU. You develop yourself, learn the game and understand the rules, practice and then participate. Stay in the stadia. Start pushing others sidewise. Encroach upon others' spaces. Then confront the rulers. Fight with them, dethrone them. Push your rules. And destroy your predecessors. That is the rule of game. The field is yours. The definitions are yours. Because you are the winner. Stubborn are losers who keep following rules. Lawmakers are winners who keep rewriting the rules.

Because money is a source of happiness

Money may not be happiness but money is, certainly, a medium of happiness. So don't ever despise money. Don't hate money and money makers. Money is very liquid. It can easily come in and go out. It likes to change hands. Frequently. The world laughs upon the poor. Because he cannot eat good food. Because he cannot afford a car. Because he cannot have the things which come with a high price tag.  Because he cannot live a life of richness. The same world worships and envies altogether a person who generates money fast. This is a fact and everyone knows this. A person who is poor because he is failed can attain enlightenment in a second and become rich. That moment comes in everyone's life. The moment you recognize your skill and quality, the unique quality that is saleable, you become the so-called successful, rich and honorable member of society. So don't hesitate to market and sell your skills. It has value. That value is justified when it gives you the s

Give Happiness A Second Chance

Life is a bunch of incidents which starts with your birth and ends with your death. Then there are the happinesses and the sorrows. And they are moments- happy moments and sad moments. Accept both, own both. BUT... You have to practice elongating happy moments till next happy moments come; you have to preserve happy moments; you have to select happy moments; you have to cheer for happy moments. That's the secret of a happy life. Sometimes, I do agree, a sad moment is so overpowering that your life looks like a curse, but... You have to ignore that, with positive thoughts; you have to find a way to push that moment out of your life; You have to forcefully create a happy moment. You have to GIVE HAPPINESS A SECOND CHANCE. SUGGESTED READ Entrepreneurship is an experiment. To try, To fail, To fall X3

In fact no one is superior.

Give and take is the basis of every relationship. More so in case of a professional relationship. Between an employer and an employee, a consultant and a client or a seller and a buyer, the relationship is strong and long-lasting if it is balanced. But you will often not found such balance and so the bond is weak. --- In the search for the better, we make our relationships bitter. Why? Because we tend to evaluate a professional relationship in terms of money and profit. We weigh honesty and loyalty in terms of expenses and cost. We segregate people according to their position and financial condition. And we behave accordingly. We always hate both groups of people which is lower and which is higher. We don't trust them. And we feel superior. --- To be continued. SUGGESTED READ 1. Be your boss   2. Fail, Fall, Phoenix

Life is Like Horizon- Translated from Hindi

Life is like a horizon Where The sky-like dream is meeting To ground of reality. Dreams Which keep on flying With all efforts And The reality Which is lying Like endless desert Agonizingly. One who keeps on flying High in the sky; To him, The sight of the horizon is impossible And One who steps out Always with caution; To him, Reaching to the horizon is never possible.

Darkness is Mine- Translated from Hindi

In the night of my secluded life A corner of darkness I own; Because of the claimants of light Are spread around everywhere, For this, therefore, has to fight fiercely.

Shyam Has No Life- Translated from Hindi

Some pieces of memories Clothes hanging on hooks Claypot placed in a corner And strokes of luck ... Just passed the childhood But looks fifty-five, Broken body and mind And the clangor of pots... Big talks of knowledge, Intestines shrunk of hunger, Saheb's merciless kicks And visits of Kammo... His name is so grand But has to work day and night Being paid too little, Shyam has no life...

Man as Kite- Translated from Hindi

String in my hand The rustle of flying kites, Such as the association between God and man.

Moonly Mother- Translated from Hindi

When the moon, in the lap of a night Smiles hearing a lullaby, Comes the moonshine-like reminiscence, O Mummy, Of aanchal of your moonly endearment...

Enjoy the Holi and your life.

This life is very colourful and the Holi is the symbol of the life. The holi is played with all colours of every type. And water is the cleanser which removes the colours which were applied on the body. Don't expect the life to be full of bright and beautiful relationships and days. But with neutral thoughts and determination to be happy we can remove negativity and unhappiness. Enjoy the holi . Your life be colourful. Your atma be pure and clean.

Happy Holi! Live And Let Live in Harmony.

The world is made of sets and subsets- as bigger as you can think and as smaller as you can define. We Individuals are elements of the different types of sets which are subsets of other sets and it goes on and on. As the largest set is so vast that the individual elements seem to be insignificant. Due to this insignificance, discontent, displeasure and disaffection rises within ourselves. ::: Confusion. Conflict. Combat. ::: That has created the imbalance in everyone's life and non-life. The confusion, it has created due to the continued expansion of the number of sets and subsets. As the knowledge was limited and information was scarce, the life of a common man was simple. They had one family, extended family to be responsible to. They had one society to set the norms. They had one motherland. They had one king to be loyal to. They had one religion to practice. In short, they were being governed by a simple set of rules of their some sets. That was easy. ::: Ever

Don't Surrender to Your Failures

You fail. You pass. Life goes on. But if you loss, you are dead. You have no life. Success and Failure are your karmic situation. Both are results of your work. Losing is your mental status. You accept your defeat. Losing is your surrender to a failure. Suggested Read 1. SUSTAIN THE STRUGGLE OF LIFE WITH FIRMNESS 2. LIVE AND LET LIVE IN HARMONY

Changes are scary, but inevitable.

Changes are seldom acceptable. Because it is scary . It is scary because we don't know what would be the result. People guess or guesstimate but can't guarantee a calculated result. Even the science or astrology or astronomy can't guarantee anything. Every action has a reaction that cannot be calculated. Because there are unforeseen innumerable factors which affects that result. Yet. These scary changes are inevitable . So don't ignore them. Accept them and make changes in your approach towards life. SUGGESTED READ: 1. GARY VAYNERCHUK BOOKS GIVE AWAY 2. MAKE A GOOD HANDSHAKE

Puppets, You are not destined to be.

This society loves puppets. But the same society worships whom who denies becoming a puppet. What you want to depend on your aptitude, attitude, and altitude of your personality. Resistance to the societal and circumstantial forces and standing up firmly for your inner beliefs and abilities makes you an extraordinary person who this world worships. SUGGESTED READ: 1. SUSTAIN THE STRUGGLE OF LIFE WITH FIRMNESS 2. WIN WITH HANDSHAKES

You fail to control your life. That is ok.

You seek control of your life. But you fail... Daily. Continuously. And it is ok. Because you are not YOU. You are a time. You are a date. You are a day. You are a place. You are a situation. Your are a condition. You are a circumstance. You are human and an animal. You are a man or a woman. You are a father or a mother. You are a teacher. Or a student. You are a market and a product. You are an emotion. You are a sentiment. You are a action and a reaction. You are this and that, too. You are 'What Not' and YOU. Don't take it personally. You are not a Personal Noun. You are a Common Noun. And a Collective Noun. You are just a tiny unit of the YOU. Hence be that tiny you. And control that tiny you. You can only control your action, somehow. You cannot control reactions... Others' Yours, too. Therefore कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन

'HELP' is an over-used and over-rated PITCHING word.

For me, 'HELP' is an over-used and over-rated PITCHING word. It has lost its meaning as an arbitrary and generous act of assisting or uplifting. We were taught that we should help anyone in trouble, in need without a want of getting paid. I offered such HELP many a times in life. A lady was going to the bus stop lifting heavy travel bags in her both hands, I helped her by carrying those weight to the bus. A blind person was hesitating to cross the road, I helped him holding his hand and walking across the road. Some classmates have always trouble understanding the patterns of Textile Designs, I helped them by explaining the methods of marking those patterns the graph papers. And I also got such HELPs from different people. Neither I nor them ever asked for any payments in return. ~~~///~~~ Now HELP has been commercialized. Every professional, every company offers you HELP. Every product helps you in doing something and by selling that product to you is also a help by