I felt like cowdung. Today.

My worst fear came true in last 7 days. I got 4 new Advertising works. Two of them is really big. And the other TWO are my personal responsibility. AND I FAILED. BADLY. Shame on me. I am devastated. I am ruined. Mentally. --- I thought I will just write- 'I am sad' and post that here. No real post. --- My sadness can't be a reason of breaking the routine. Should I do nothing and mourn on my failure? Better I do a reason finding exercise here... 1. The work didn't allow me time to research and plan. And I accepted them. Downloaded some free images and wrote ad copies... And started. Zip, zap, zoom. And they all boomeranged. 2. In last 15 months, I ignored reading, learning. From the authority sites and experts. No Google, Facebook, Hubspot videos. So self education. It cost me a million. -- I am missing something. And that is the problem. --- So I have to work upon myself. Honestly. I felt like cowdung. Today. Time passed. I feel I can't retain

Can This Blog be ranked for my name Neeraj Kumar

Today I was just checking Google SERP and found that this blog is ranking for 'stronglyours' and 'Strongly Yours'. Good. I am happy because these two are very common words and is used extensively in blogs and otherwise. But yes, never these were used togather. And these are least searched words, too. Can I NOW rank for Neeraj Kumar? Very tough. It is a very popular name in India and the SERP is already occupied by Neeraj Kumar, IPS and other people. But I can. I can sure. In one month. I have to make a plan. A robust SEO plan. I have to make 1 page about myself on the blog. It is the second step. First step is to change my social media profiles to NEERAJ KUMAR ( I had changed it to stronglyours, sometime back). And I have to start use comments with my name linking to the page. And I have to somehow link every blog pages to the page.

Haste Makes Waste

Clients are like- 'giving you my account credentials. We need quality leads from tomorrow." You have roughened up your ad account by running unresearched, low quality, the worst performing ads and now you want a online advertisement consultant to make them the best quality and the cheapest ad account. Not possible. If an advertiser says that he will, he is lieing. If he says he can do it but it will take time and the ads will not be live tomorrow, he is good. Good quality ads and ad accounts are backed up with well-researched strategies and extensive experiments.

Dreams change

Dreams change. When I was a kid, I had a dream to get made a chariot with a roof of some shining cloth which reflected sunlight in different colours. Then I dreamt of being an District Collector. I also dreamt of being a person whose car when stopped  at least 4 suited persons would welcome and escort him. Now I dream of having a personal brand based on digital activities. So don't stick to your dream. They change. They take shape out of your present, it's success, it's failures. What is your dream by the way?

Commence and complete your work timely

It is not done. How can I forget to write a blog post? Even if it is Saturday. Even if I was busy a little bit. Even if there are some guests visiting my house. In this age of mobile available 24 hours, if one does not maintain a habit of writing to-do list, he is lazy. He does not take his routine seriously. We must... We must be systematic. We must organize our days, our weeks, our months and even our years. We must take our time seriously. Time is money. Time must be unutilized to the minutes. We should use schedulers and to to do list. It makes our life easy. It makes us commence and complete our works timely. One who can manage time, can live in peace.

Become 'They'

Do you know how much they have lost, how much they have struggled and how much they have sacrificed to Become What They Are! ~~~~~ It is easy To question their authority, To criticize them for their deeds, To punish them for their failures, To despise their positions... ~~~~~ But, It's never easy to Become What They Are. ===== We all want to be 'Them' But We will not do What They Have Done; Because we are not what they are, Because we can't be 'They'. Because to Become 'THEY' It's necessary & inevitable To have a daring personality Who gamble hard, Who invest everything, Who can jump into a unknown depth Who can jump high to infinity. They see the ultimate They know the loneliness along the path and ready to be alone. ---- We who are not THEM Can't see the BIG PICTURE. We can't look beyond our limits, We are caged in our boundaries And we don't want to open fly.

Fight against fear

Fight with the fear of failure. Run or walk, it is your choice. It is your strategy. But you can't surrender to your fear. You have to arm yourself appropriately. You have to make proper plan. You have to use all your guts to make a move. Towards your goal. But there is no option of doing nothing. Fight once. Fight twice. Fight until you win.