Yes, it is a no.

"Yes, it is a no. A big no." Today I told a client. He did not believe. I was determined. BECAUSE I was not able to add value to the business within the limitations. A limitation imposed by the owner of the business.  Budgetary limitation.  Scaling limitation.  Lack of vision. And most importantly, I need satisfaction of adding value, contribution in growth and growing my professional acumen. It was a hard decision to part ways. But it is relieving, too. Wish the company and the team a flourishing future.

You know NOTHING even if you know a lot

Hundreds of my friends are Digital Marketing Experts, and I am not. Should I regret? Should I feel inferior? I don't. Because no one can be an expert of a subject which is as vast as the seven seas . Yesterday someone posted- "I have studied Facebook and am ready to run ads. Do you need my service?" Someone replied - "I have a saloon. Please send an ad copy sample for my business. If I like, I will be your first client." The Facebook expert asked- "What is ad copy?" Don't be such a jerk. You know nothing even if you know a lot . Better be a 1. Facebook Ad Copy Expert 2. Google Ads Ad copy Expert 3. Facebook Ads image expert And you will find your proper place in this world.

That something extraordinary

We spend half of our time planning to do something extraordinary.  And rest half is spent waiting for some miracle to happen so that we can do that something extraordinary.


Yesterday I did not publish #365postsin365days. I forgot. And I was devastated when at 3 AM I knew it. It was like How can I do this? What now? Will you forgive me? Should I restart? At 7 AM I decided to be more casual, more determined. Life does not end with a failure. I will not restart but continue to post without hashtag #365postsin365days. I regret it but I am not finished. Please forgive me and continue to read I am more determined and defined and will be more refined. It will be like a second inning.

Invest in your appearance

Investing in yourself pays. Not only in your education or skill development. I am talking here about your appearance. Your looks matter. Your accessories matter. What you carry to your office and how your carry reflect your personality. Which laptop you use? Do you wear wristwatch? Do you don a suit to attend your client or you just walk in in a casual t shirt and jeans? Are your black shoes polished and shining? Do you borrow a pen to sign a contract? From a client. Your language also attract and distract a person. Do you call your laptop, a laptop or a lappie 😊! --- Make sure to be properly dressed when going out. Make sure you have a good pen in your pocket. Make sure you draw out your visiting card easily. Invest in your bag or a briefcase. Invest in your accessories. Travel in your car or a hired cab to your meetings. These investments show your success. People love to work with successful people. 💐☺️And most importantly... Wear a smile, a gentle smile always. I

Don't Give Up by Utkarsh Arora, CEO and Founder of Revex Media

Even when you hit the rock bottom, there is still a significant chance that you will make it. History is filled with hundreds of business case studies that started with the failure in the initial stage but lift up again with improvided product-market fit solutions to make billions. FedEx: At one point, company funds got as low as $5,000 and now; $30 billion corporate giant Evernote: Founder; Phil Libin, made the hard decision to shut the company down and now; a clear leader in terms of note-taking and organization software. And, many more... However, the story is not the only glory, more than 90% of startups really fail to lift up (it's a fact!) and only 10% or less makes the spot. It doesn't mean the 10% successful businesses was never get pushed into the 90% category; they were definitely pushed, but there was a difference; they didn't give up. Certainly, "Not Giving Up" made them the successful unicorns! When we say "Not Giving Up" it doesn

Help your pal manage his life

Do you have a close friend who is always busy in some unavoidable errands? Sure, you have one. Whenever you call her, she will be in the middle of something important and she doesn't have time for a 2 minutes casual chitchat. Whenever you meet him outside his office or in his house, he is ready to run away fast to complete to do something or to complete the draft of a proposal. Don't think that they have reasonably taken many responsibilities... They are just mismanaged. They have just mistaken their responsibilities. Help them plan their time and duties. It will be a great help to him/her and the society in general.